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2 Layer Rigid-Flex PCB

Basic Info

Layers: 2L
Material: Fr-4+PI
Board Thickness: 1.6 mm
Copper Thickness: 1.0OZ
Min line width/ space: 0.12/0.15mm
Surface finish: Immersion gold
Certificate: UL, ISO, TS16949
Application: Consumer Electronics,Instrument panel, GPS,Mobile phone camera flex board, Tablet antenna soft board

【Series】:Rigid-Flexible PCB

General description

This is a type of flexible printed circuit for the application of Gigabyte Switch. It's a 2 layer
FPC at 0.25mm thick. The base laminate is from ITEQ, It's fabricated per IPC 6012 Class
2 using supplied Gerber data. Two types of stiffner are applied on the inserting head and
bottom side.

Features and benifits

A. Excellent flexibility
B. Reducing the volume
C. Weight reduction
D. Consistency of assembly
E. Increased reliability
F. Controllability of electrical parameter design
G. The end can be whole soldered
H. Material optionality
I.  Low cost
J. Continuity of processing
K. Great customer service
L. Delivery on time. We keep higher than 98% on-time-delivery rate.

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