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Heavy Copper PCB
【Brief】:This is a type of 2 layer 1.6mm 3 OZ heavy copper PCB board for the application of Power audio with Immersion gold finishing.
The base laminate is from ITEQ, Blue solder mask from Kuangshun and White silkscreen from Taiyo.
【Series】:FR4 PCB

Parameter & Data Sheet

Number of Layers 2
Board Type Double Sided PCB
Board Thickness 1.6 mm +/-0.16
Board Material FR-4
Board Material Supplier ITEQ
Tg Value of Board Material  135ºC
PTH Cu thickness ≥20 um (See hole wall details)
Inner Iayer Cu thicknes N/A
Surface Cu thickness 105 um (3oz)
Solder Mask Type and Model No. KSM-6189BL04 / KSM-19H01
Solder Mask Supplier KUANG SHUN
Solder Mask Colour Blue
Number of Solder Masks 2
Thickness of Solder Mask 13um
Type of Silkscreen Ink IJR-4000 MW300
Supplier of Silkscreen TAIYO
Color of Silkscreen White
Number of Silkscreen 1
Mininum Trace (mil) 20 mil
Minimum Gap(mil) 15 mil
Surface Finish gold
RoHS Required Yes
Warpage  ≤0.25%
Thermal Shock Test Pass, 288±5ºC,10 seconds, 3 cycles. 
No delamination, no blistering.
Solderablity Test Pass, 255±5ºC,5 seconds Wetting Area Least 95%
Function  100% Pass electrical test
Workmanship Compliance with IPC-A-600H & IPC-6012C Class 2

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