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VIA in Pad FR4 PCB
【Brief】:With the development of electronic products to light, thin and small, PCBs are also pushed into high density, high difficulty. Among them, via in pad is one of the topics that engineering designer can not avoid. It is a main part of multilayer PCBs and directly helps to save PCB real estate up to 50% for fine pitch BGA and flip chip components.The main difficulty for VIA is the via-plug process, ie how to prevent soldering tin from into via or solder mask onto pads.

【Series】:FR4 PCB
Via in pad hole circuit board technology will solve the high-density packaging laminated hole processing.

1) Through hole,BGA package on multilayer PCBs -->via on ball -->resin via plug -->ground surface -->copper electroplated on plugged via. 
2) Blind via, a technique similar to a through hole, with a controlled depth of 0.075mm for the blind hole.

3) HDI multi-step stacking hole technology.The interconnected processing technology is very complex. Multiple hole filling and multiple copper pressing are used to complete the manufacturing process.Such structure in medical, communication products are widely recommended for application.

Procedure Item VIA in Pad Manufacturing capability
Large volume  (S<100 m²) Middle volume (S<10 m²) Prototype(S<1m²)
1 Laminating Tolerance of laminate thickness ±10% PCB thick ±10% PCB thick ±8% PCB thick
2 Maximum laminate thickness 4.0mm 6.0mm 7.0mm
3  Laminate alignment accuracy ≤±5 mil ≤±4 mil ≤±4 mil
4 Drill (18um, 35um, 70um etc are finished copper. If not mentioned copper, finished 1oz is the default value ) Min.drill bit diameter 0.2 mm 0.2 mm 0.2 mm
5 Min.slot router diameter 0.60 mm 0.60 mm 0.60 mm
6 Min.tolerance of PTH slots ±0.15mm ±0.15mm ±0.1mm
7 Max.aspect ratio 1:08 1:12 1:12
8 Hole tolerance ±3mil ±3mil ±3mil
9 Space of via to via 6mil(same net),12mil(different net) 6mil(same net),14mil(different net) 4mil(same net),12mil(different net)
10 Space of component hole to component hole 12mil(same net),16mil(different net) 12mil(same net),16mil(different net) 10mil(same net),14mil(different net)
11 Etching Min.width of etching logo 10mil(18um),12 mil (35um),12 mil(70um) 8mil(18um),10mil(35um),12 mil(70um) 6mil(18um),8 mil(35um),12mil(70um)
12 Etch factor 1.6-2.2 1.6-2.2 1.6-2.2
13 Outer layer(18um, 35um, 70um etc are finished copper. If not mentioned copper, finished 1oz is the default value ) Min.via pad diameter 20mil 16mil 16mil
14 Min.BGA pad diameter 12mil 12mil 10mil
15 Min.track and spacing 5/5mil(18um) 4/4mil(18um) 3/3.5mil(18um)
5/5mil(35um) 4/4mil(35um) 3/4mil(35um)
7/9mil(70um) 6/8mil(70um) 6/7mil(70um)
9/11mil(105um) 8/10mil(105um) 8/9mil(105um)
13/13mil(140um) 12/12mil(140um) 12/11mil(140um)
16 Minimum grid 10/10mil(35um) 8/8mil(35um) 4/8mil(35um)
17 (conductor to pad, pad to pad) 6mil(18um) 5mil(18um) 4mil(18um)
6mil(35um) 5mil(35um) 4mil(35um)
9mil(70um) 8mil(70um) 7mil(70um)
11mil(105um) 10mil(105um) 9mil(105um)
13mil(140um) 12mil(140um) 11mil(140um)

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