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PCBA Prototype quick turn

This is a type of 2 layer PCBA Prototype quick turn 3days at 1.6mm thick for the application of Electric Inverter. 

The base laminate is from IT158 FR-4, Green solder mask and White silkscreen on board.


SMT(Surface Mounting technology),DIP.
1. Material Sourcing Service
2. SMT assembly and Through hole components insertion
3.100% AOI testing
4. IC pre-programming / Burning on-line
5.ICT testing
6.Function testing as requested 
7.Complete Unit assembly (which including plastics, metal box, Coil, cable inside etc)
8.Conformal coating
9.OEM/ODM also welcomed
                                                                   Production Capacity
PCB Max. size DIP capacity
Min component   size 0201 space of IC 0.3mm
Min. space of BGA 0.3mm
Max.precision of IC assembly ±0.03mm
SMT capacity ≥2 million points/day
DIP capacity ≥100k parts/day

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